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Update A505FNXXU2ASH1 for Samsung Galaxy A50 has been released

Samsung A50

Firmware update A505FNXXU2ASH1 for Samsung Galaxy A50 has been released on the Internet. Currently the update is discovered in the 3IE region and has the CSC version A505FNCKH2ASG4.

Samsung firmware N950FXXS7DSH1 is now being pushed across the European regions

samsung note 8

Samsung Note 8 firmware N950FXXS7DSH1/N950FOXM7DSG1 has started spreading worldwide. This is a regular security update that can be accessed through the OTA and FOTA networks. It is worth attention, Note 8 is one of several phones that has started receiving the August update.

June update available for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in the regions of Asia

galaxy S9 and s9 plus

Meet the new update from Samsung for model numbers SM-G960F and SM-G965F. Firmware comes with PDA version G960FXXU5CSF2 and G965FXXU5CSF2 and the most up-to-date changelist #16162958.

SAMSUNG releases emergency update for Galaxy S10 (S10e, S10+)

We are pleased to serve the latest update for Galaxy S10 which is currently released in AUT region. The ROM images have been built yesterday, 2019-05-28 and fixes the bugs that lead system to unresponsive state.

March update available for Galaxy S9/S9+ (SM-G960F/SM-G965F)

galaxy s9, galaxy s8 plus

Samsung has released the update for their SM-G960F/SM-G965F. The update comes with incremental version G960FXXU2CSC8/G960FOXM2CSC8 and G965FXXU2CSC8/G965FOXM2CSC8. Both images have been built on 2019-03-12.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ can now be updated to Android Pie 9

galaxy s8 and s8 plus is first to serve the latest update for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, models numbers are SM-G950F and SM-G955F. This is the most latest build with changelist #15411975. Hurry up to install!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) gets its first Android Pie (9.0.0) update

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has released a new update for their SM-N950F phone model. The update is available for ORX & BGL regions. Both regions are included in one multi-CSC list called "OXM". You may install the update if your region is also included.

Samsung has released a new build for their SM-G960F/SM-G965F models — covers many fixes. is the first to serve the latest update G960FXXU2CSB3 & G965FXXU2CSB3 for Galaxy S9/Plus. Software update is currently available to DBT region (Germany), however Samsung is going to roll out these versions to over than 200+ regions. The image has the latest changelist #15367606 which is built on 08-Feb.

Android Pie for Galaxy Note9 - SM-N960F

note 9

Another day, another update. Samsung has released the new update for Galaxy Note9 - SM-N960F. Incremental version is N960FXXU2CSA2. This is the first Android Pie that come available to this model. CSC version is N960FOXM2CSA2. The firmware image has been built on 2019-01-07 and includes changelist 15135523. Update covers the following changes...

First Android 9.0 (Pie) is now available to download

android pie

Samsung has started rolling out new update for its SM-G960F — Galaxy S9 and SM-G965F — Galaxy S9 Plus. Version incremental for the firmwares are G960FXXU2CRLI and G965FXXU2CRLI respectively. New User Interface, new Samsung Keyboard and many other improvements worth the upgrade. Check it out!