Update A505FNXXU2ASH1 for Samsung Galaxy A50 has been released

Samsung A50

Update A505FNXXU2ASH1

Firmware update A505FNXXU2ASH1 for Samsung Galaxy A50 has been released on the Internet. Currently the update is discovered in the 3IE region and has the CSC version A505FNCKH2ASG4.

ZIP file contents

After you download the ZIP file of the firmware completely, the next files will appear in the directory you have extracted them:


Flashing PDA-BL/CSC files

As you might remember, PDA and CSC together with Bootloader and Baseband file are split to separate files and then packed into a ZIP archive.

  • If you flash only A505FNXXU2ASH1 as the AP+BL files, apart from the others, you will have your system files updated.
  • But, if you decide to also flash the CSC A505FNCKH2ASG4, your network shall be locked to any of the three operators:

-Hutchison (Austria) for DRE
-H3G (Italy) for HUI
-Three operator (Ireland) for 3IE

! Use HOME_CSC file to be sure your files will remain untouched.

Firmware compatibility 

  • While the update has not been released yet for either DRE or HUI region, it can be installed without issues because it is a part of the CKH multi-CSC region.
  • Since the bootloader in the new version of firmware has been changed, you will not be able to downgrade back to A505FNXXU1ASE3.

Further A505FNXXU2ASH1 distribution

Anyway, we are expecting A505FNXXU2ASH1 to be expanded onto OXM/OVF/OXJ/ODX regions in August. Let's take a closer look of what is going to be released.

Samsung has announced they are going to release these versions:

A505FNXXU2ASH1/A505FNOVF2ASG5 as the part of OVF Multi-CSC.
A505FNXXU2ASH1/A505FNODX2ASG4 as the part of ODX Multi-CSC.
A505FNXXU2ASH1/A505FNOXJ2ASG4 as the part of OXJ Multi-CSC.
A505FNXXU2ASH1/A505FNOXM2ASG4 as the part of OXM Multi-CSC.
A505FNXXU2ASH1/A505FNOBE2ASG4 as the part of OBE Multi-CSC.

It's not easy to produce new firmwares. Even so, all the mentioned versions will have released by the end of August.

Update details

Korean corporation hasn't been so verbose when it comes to details of their updates. However, we have just received the details of the current firmware:

· The stability of Camera has been improved
· Camera picture quality has been improved.
· Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
· The security of your device has been improved.
· Other stabiliser codes are applied.

Firmware links

Phone Model Region PDA OS Build Changelist URL
Galaxy A50 SM-A505FN 3IE A505FNXXU2ASH1 9 2019-08-01 16497845 3IE A505FNXXU2ASH1 A505FNCKH2ASG4

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