Will Samsung make curved displays for Iphone?


Newest OLED-panels are more accurate in color displaying and energy efficient than ever, and expected that in the next year they will reach the same level of a power consumption of the white color displaying, as well as LCD. So Apple now sees the sense in moving to the OLED technology in upcoming iPhone smartphones.

A month ago, we found out that Samsung corporation received the order from Apple for the 100 million OLED-panels. According to the latest research report from UBI Reseach, the South Korean giant will receive a contract to supply 60 percents of those screens for future iPhones, which is expected to release in 2018. LG Company will get the order for 20-30 percents, and the rest of the panels will be engaged in Japan Display and Foxconn companies.

There is a reason to believe that Apple will release an iPhone with a curved screen to be competitive with the Edge series smartphones from Samsung.