More about Galaxy S9 Red Bull Ring Edition

Galaxy S9 Red Bull Edition

There are a lot of fans of Formula One in the Netherlands and a Korean giant decided to benefit from this fact creating a unique Galaxy S9 Red Bull Ring for all fans of speed and the fastest cars. Samsung cooperated with Vodafone and made a really interesting case. Cover is matte dark blue with the Red Bull circuit logo. Of course such matte case may be not the best choice because of too many visible fingerprints, but it looks stylish, there are no doubts.

A Case includes a unique NFC chip inside and a Red Bull Theme. When user puts a case on a Smartphone, it changes the way software looks.  You will find a lot of images of popular races and the fastest cars.  Lock screen may seem a little bit simple, but changing wallpapers are really great. You will find two shortcuts to F1 sites on the screen. There will be also an application Racing Media.  Home screen of the device will include F1 themed wallpapers that will change once a week and a clock in Red Bull colors. Icons of various applications will be themed too, it is possible to say that the whole operating System will be upgraded. Users will mention such colors as yellow, blue and red in a phones interface. More than that, fans of races will be pleasantly surprised to hear sounds of cars instead of notifications and ringtones. When you remove a case from Smartphone, a regular theme will be applied and you will mention a message that says “Good Bye Champion”. Interesting detail, right? 

Summing up, it is necessary to say that such a Red Bull case is a perfect choice for fans of car races.  It will transform your Galaxy S9 into an exclusive Smartphone.