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New Images of Galaxy A6 and A6+

Galaxy A6 plus

It is not a secret that Samsung is going to expand it’s A lineup of devices and to add two more Smartphones, they will be Galaxy A6 and A6+. One could find renders of fresh devices that appeared in the net around seven days ago. Now, all fans of devices from Samsung can find fresh renders of A6 and A6+. Images confirm rumors we have already heard about a future design of Smartphones.

Unofficial Images of Galaxy A6 and A6+ Appeared in the Net

Galaxy A6 2018 photo

Samsung has plans to expand A series by adding new devices in the nearest future. It is known that two Smartphones Galaxy A8 and A8+ saw the world this year, but a company will not stop and will add two more phones Galaxy A6 and A6+.

New Galaxy A 6 from Samsung will be launched in the nearest future

Galaxy A6 2018

It seems a Korean Giant has plans to release a new Galaxy A6 in a nearest future. The support page of a device appeared on an official site of a company. It is known that Samsung wants to launch new Galaxy A6 and A6+ Smartphones this year, but there was no info about possible dates. It is confirmed that Smartphones will be launched on Russian, European and East markets. There are also some assumptions that devices may be released on the North American market, because they were spotted at FCC.

Samsung Plans to Launch Galaxy A6 and A6+

Galaxy A6

It is not a secret that Samsung is working on Galaxy A6 and A6+ that will see the world this year. They will appear on Russian, European and Middle East markets. These devices were spotted across several certification sites and arrived at Federal Communications Commission. Does it mean that devices will be launched in the US too? It may happen, because Samsung has a habit to release middle class Smartphones on some target US markets.

Samsung is Going to Launch Galaxy A6 and A6+

Galaxy A6

A Korean giant Samsung renovated Galaxy A devices and they are not middle range Smartphones anymore. Galaxy A8 and A8+ are borderline Smartphones and it means that a company will find room for more devices in the line. If to trust the latest reports, Samsung is going to launch new devices, they will probably be Galaxy A6 and A6+. It is revealed that Samsung is working on these Smartphones and they will see the world in the end of a year.