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Unofficial Images of Galaxy A6 and A6+ Appeared in the Net

Galaxy A6 2018 photo

Samsung has plans to expand A series by adding new devices in the nearest future. It is known that two Smartphones Galaxy A8 and A8+ saw the world this year, but a company will not stop and will add two more phones Galaxy A6 and A6+.

Fresh Details about a Foldable Smartphone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy X

The world of mobile devices is constantly developing and companies have to provide a lot of innovations to save a leading position. Thinner bezels and cameras with unique features are not good reasons for majority of clients to be interested in changing their phones into new models. Specialists say that the next step in development of Smartphones will be devices with displays that can be folded.

Chipset Exynos 8895 from Samsung Will Power Meizu 15 Plus

Exynos 8895

Chipsets Exynos from Samsung are known for their high performance, but still they were not as popular as Snapdragon from Qualcomm.  A great number of Smartphone manufacturers give preference to chips Snapdragon and if we speak about budget devices, then they used Chinese chipsets.  It is necessary to mention that such Chinese manufacturer as Meizu is using chips Exynos in its devices and it seems that a company is going to continue cooperating with Samsung and plans to install Exynos chip in the fresh Smartphone Meizu 15 Plus.

Airplane Mode Causes Quick Battery Drain on Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Battery Air Mode

A fresh update of Oreo 8.0 provided a lot of useful features and improvements of Galaxy S8 performance, but there were some complaints about worse life of a battery in comparison with Nougat. It is not a secret that many updates reduce batteries life, but some owners of Galaxy S8 mentioned that a battery on their devices started to drain after enabling an airplane mode.

Galaxy Note 8 Is Getting a New Update with the Security Patch

Galaxy Note 8

A fresh update of Oreo 8.0 for Galaxy Note 8 began around one month ago and it seems that all owners of Galaxy Note 8 have already received it. Samsung doesn’t plan to stop and is going to provide one more update with security fixes for this device. A fresh software update will appear in Iraq at first and then, it will be available on other markets in about several days.

Fresh Security Patch for Unlocked Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 Update 2018

Samsung continues to provide its devices with the new updates. Finally, one more Galaxy device will get the latest security patch. It will be a lucky Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile. A fresh security patch for this device will roll out on the German market first. It is necessary to mention that an update is available only for S9, not S9+, but a situation will have to change in a day or two and Galaxy S9+ will also be provided with the fresh security patch. Note that an update for S9 weighs only around 60 MB and includes some important fixes. Maybe it is because of the Project Treble. Updates for the previous flagship weigh much more, around 400 MB.

Application the Flow Is Updated and Will Include Unique Features

Samsung The Flow

Samsung created an application the Flow around three years ago. At first, it was exclusively made for Galaxy, but a little bit later, a Korean company made it possible to use an app on PCs. An application the Flow allows users to connect computers to Galaxy devices. It is a great way to share important information, allows unlocking computers with Windows 10 with the help of smartwatches and includes many other useful features.

Samsung Provided a List of Its TV Innovations

Samsung MicroLED

There are no doubts that Samsung is one of the leaders in manufacturing TVs and has occupied a leading position on the market for more than ten years. Samsung is the first on the worlds market, not looking at the main rival LG that also produces TVs of premium quality. A Korean giant had to work really hard and to propose a great number of innovations to stay number one in the world.

More Rumors about Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10

If to trust one of the most popular Korean publications, Galaxy S10 will not have a foldable display. It will be a device with the Infinity Display, like its predecessors Galaxy S9 and S9+. It will not be a completely redesigned Smartphone, but as everyone expected, a device will probably boast with the in display sensor of fingerprints.

Galaxy Note 8 in Orchid Grey Color will be Launched on the Indian Market

Galaxy Note 8 Grey

It seems that Samsung wishes to sell more devices , manufactured last year, on the Indian Market.  A Korean giant reduced prices for Galaxy S8 and S8+ and even launched this Smartphone in a new color- Burgundy red. Though Galaxy Note 8 has a stable price and it will not be reduced in the nearest future, Samsung decided to propose this device in one more color- Orchid Grey. Now, customers will have a better choice of colors, they can purchase Gold, Black and Orchid Grey Note 8.  Orchid Grey Smartphone will appear on the shelves of stores starting from this Tuesday.