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Samsung Pay Will Become Available in South Africa

Samsung Pay Aafrica

Samsung Pay is expanding its horizons and it will become available in South Africa in the beginning of summer 2018. This payment service is really comfortable and easy, that’s why it is widely used in many countries all over the world. Now, it is a high time for South Africans to appreciate advantages of this service. More than that, many users find Samsung Pay really fast and useful; it is one more reason why they give preference to handsets from a Korean giant. Samsung knows about a really high potential of its service that’s why it is trying to make it even more popular.

Rewards for Using Samsung Pay in India

Samsung Pay India

Samsung is a company that cares about its users and always tries to make pleasant surprises. This time it proposes a special program of rewards for using a mobile paying service Samsung Pay. This program will appear on the Indian market first. One can make transactions with the help of debit or credit cards and get some points. More than that, UPI transactions became easier now, there is no need to run through a great number of steps.

Samsung Pay Will Get PayPal Support on the US Market

PayPal Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a popular mobile payment service from Samsung. A Korean giant is trying to attract a lot of companies that will support its unique service.  Samsung informed about integration of PayPal for their service in summer 2017. Because of some unknown reasons, Paying service from Samsung didn’t get support of PayPal. Almost ten months passed and a Korean company will roll out PayPal support for their mobile payment service on the US market.

More than 6 Million Users Choose Samsung Pay in Korea

Samsung Pay Korea

It is informed that more than six million users give preference to Samsung Pay, a unique payment service that has a lot of advantages. Mobile payment service supports such technologies as NFC and MST, it allows to pay with the help of a service in all places where clients use their debit and credit cards.

Samsung Pay on the Italian Market

Samsung Pay Italy

Samsung is expanding its service of payments that is called Samsung Pay. It is already available on 20 markets and today, it was launched on the Italian one. There are no doubts that Samsung Pay is one of the most popular mobile services of payments.

Problems with Samsung Pay on Galaxy S9

Samsung Pay

Some owners of new Galaxy S9 Smartphones informed about a problem with Samsung Pay. They have purchased unlocked versions of flagship devices in the USA. It is said in Play Store that an application is not compatible with Galaxy S9 and it is impossible to install an update.

Samsung Pay Land for Promoting Samsung Pay in Spain

Samsung Pay in Spain

Mobile World Congress will take place in Spain, Barcelona, in the end of February. A little bit earlier, Samsung will represent long awaited models of Smartphones- Galaxy S9 and S9+. There will be also Galaxy S duo that is going to become the main attraction of the event. Samsung is going not only to represent new devices, but to use a chance to advertise Samsung Pay in Spain.

Users of Samsung Pay Will Get Fewer Points for Using a Service in the USA

Samsung Pay USA

All American users of a special program Samsung Pay were able to enjoy great bonuses- rewards, staring from 2016. The main aim of a rewards program was to attract more clients and to stimulate using a new service. Every time a person used Samsung Pay, he got definite amount of points, which could be exchanged into gift cards, some products and so on.

It Will Become Easier to Pay Bills with the New Updates of Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

As we have recently mentioned, Samsung Pay has become extremely popular in India and since its release date it is getting almost 1 million users every month. The payment service has become available for the local users not so long ago and has already reached excellent results. So India is considered to be one of the leading countries where Samsung pay has got a great popularity.

The New Option of Samsung Pay Might Soon Become Available for the Users

Samsung Pay New Option

The latest improvement of Samsung Pay will be to the taste of active users who used to share different information in the networks. They will get an opportunity to see all the transactions and make them visible for their friends. It is going to be a perfect way to make even more people be aware of the online payment system from Samsung. It’s expected that social media will allow spreading the information much quicker as the modern consumers spend so much time surfing Facebook and other services. According to the official documents, the new option will be called ‘Samsung Pay Story’ and it should definitely attract attention pf the potential users.