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Samsung is preparing these devices for the release

galaxy note20

According to our latest research the following devices will be released by Samsung this summer. Galaxy Note 20 first firmware is very likely to be released in July.

January 2020 firmware news: Galaxy A71, Galaxy Note10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Lite

samsung galaxy s10 lite

First firmware released for SM-A715F, SM-N770F, SM-G770F.

Which Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets will be updated to Android 10?

samsung phones

Below you will find which phones are going to be updated with the latest Android Q - the tenth version of Google's operating system. Some of the listed phones will receive the update in 2019. [ CONSTANTLY UPDATED ]

Galaxy S10 December 2019 security update — to release soon

samsung s10

Samsung is preparing the following versions as a regular security update for the month of December. The device in question is Galaxy S10 (Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10+ as well). This is the first update after its initial Android 10 roll out. Find the exact firmware version inside.

Samsung's First Foldable Smartphone: Myth or Reality?

According to the recent news, Samsung is working on an outward-folding device that might be released this or next year. There is still no exact information but they believe that it won’t be the only folding smartphone. According to the recent reports, Samsung Electronics has changed their direction and now is focusing on an inward-folding handset that will come with a 3R curvature.

Will Samsung make curved displays for Iphone?


Newest OLED-panels are more accurate in color displaying and energy efficient than ever, and expected that in the next year they will reach the same level of a power consumption of the white color displaying, as well as LCD. So Apple now sees the sense in moving to the OLED technology in upcoming iPhone smartphones.