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Latest Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy A51 Now Available


Latest Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy A51 Now Available

Samsung's newest addition to their Galaxy series, the SM-A515F or "A51", is all set to succeed the widely appreciated SM-A505F model. The new firmware specific to the Vietnam region is now ready for download.

The A51, with its global release expected in early 2020, is set to be available in over 100 countries. The device comes pre-installed with Android 10. Users should note that updated flashing software, such as Odin, will be necessary for the new device. Why? The explanation lies below.

Samsung's Approach and Google's Dynamic Partitioning

Google has introduced a new approach to address the issue of space shortage on system partitions during OTA upgrades. Android 10 now utilizes "Dynamic Partitioning". For more information on this, you can visit this link.

The new Image Structure from Google

In line with this new approach, vendors like Samsung will release new firmware structures, transitioning from the outdated "system.img" to the innovative "super.img". These "super" images comprise of "system.img", "vendor.img", and "product.img".

While the latest version of ODIN can flash separate "system.img", "vendor.img", "product.img" files, it doesn't recognize the new super images. Therefore, new flashing software must be employed to flash files from a zip package that comes from FOTA. This is applicable to all new models emerging from Samsung.

This presents a new opportunity for ODIN developers to incorporate this exciting new feature.   Firmware Details

AP/Modem/Bootloader version: A515FXXU1ASKJ

CSC Version: A515FOLM1ASKJ

Region: XXV — Vietnam

Build Date: 2019-11-27

Changelist: 17382162

OS: Q (10)

Download the firmware using the following link:

Samsung Galaxy A51 — SM-A515F firmware

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