Samsung's First Foldable Smartphone: Myth or Reality?

According to the recent news, Samsung is working on an outward-folding device that might be released this or next year. There is still no exact information but they believe that it won’t be the only folding smartphone. According to the recent reports, Samsung Electronics has changed their direction and now is focusing on an inward-folding handset that will come with a 3R curvature.

The company has been working on this technology for several years. It is supposed that the first Samsung’s foldable device will be called the Galaxy X.  In order to have the smartphone released, the company has to overcome a number of challenges as it seems to be not so easy to produce a really high-quality foldable handset. 

We still know nothing about the specifications of the Samsung’s new product. But anyway as soon as it comes to release, it is going to be the biggest sensation ever. All we have to do is just to wait for some news from Samsung and hope that the new foldable device will finally appear on the market.