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June update available for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in the regions of Asia

galaxy S9 and s9 plus

Meet the new update from Samsung for model numbers SM-G960F and SM-G965F. Firmware comes with PDA version G960FXXU5CSF2 and G965FXXU5CSF2 and the most up-to-date changelist #16162958.

Samsung has released a new build for their SM-G960F/SM-G965F models — covers many fixes. is the first to serve the latest update G960FXXU2CSB3 & G965FXXU2CSB3 for Galaxy S9/Plus. Software update is currently available to DBT region (Germany), however Samsung is going to roll out these versions to over than 200+ regions. The image has the latest changelist #15367606 which is built on 08-Feb.

Fresh Security Patch for Unlocked Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 Update 2018

Samsung continues to provide its devices with the new updates. Finally, one more Galaxy device will get the latest security patch. It will be a lucky Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile. A fresh security patch for this device will roll out on the German market first. It is necessary to mention that an update is available only for S9, not S9+, but a situation will have to change in a day or two and Galaxy S9+ will also be provided with the fresh security patch. Note that an update for S9 weighs only around 60 MB and includes some important fixes. Maybe it is because of the Project Treble. Updates for the previous flagship weigh much more, around 400 MB.

Consumer Reports Admitted a lot of Benefits of Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 Consumer Reports

It seems that efforts of Samsung were not vain, Consumer Reports admitted that Galaxy S9 Smartphones are really great devices and can boast with the really good performance and high quality stereo speakers. Both Galaxy S9 and S9+ occupy leading positions in the rating at Consumer Reports.  Smartphones demonstrated durability, great sound and are really fast devices. Samsung did a lot of work to create high-quality devices and it seems that its strategy worked.

More about Galaxy S9 Red Bull Ring Edition

Galaxy S9 Red Bull Edition

There are a lot of fans of Formula One in the Netherlands and a Korean giant decided to benefit from this fact creating a unique Galaxy S9 Red Bull Ring for all fans of speed and the fastest cars. Samsung cooperated with Vodafone and made a really interesting case. Cover is matte dark blue with the Red Bull circuit logo. Of course such matte case may be not the best choice because of too many visible fingerprints, but it looks stylish, there are no doubts.

T-Mobile is Providing a Fresh Security Patch for Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9

It is not a secret that Samsung provides security patches for its middle class and budget devices at first, and now it is a high time for one of the latest flagships to receive a fresh security patch. Finally, Galaxy S9 Smartphones from T-Mobile are getting an update which contains the latest security patch.  T-Mobile informed that a new update will include a lot of fix of vulnerabilities of different levels.

Limited Edition of Galaxy S9 for Netherlands

Galaxy S9 Red Bull Edition

Samsung is cooperating with Vodafone and has plans to launch new devices for fans of Formula One They will be Galaxy S9 and S9+ Red Bull Ring Edition.

Samsung Is Trying to Fix Call Problems on Fresh Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 Mute Call Fix

Nowadays, people tend to communicate more via internet, than calling to each other, but it doesn’t mean that there can be some problems with calls on fresh flagships from Samsung. Owners of Galaxy S9 and S9+ complained that they mentioned some problems connected with calls. After official launching of devices, some users informed about an issue of mute and disconnected calls. Representatives of Samsung in Poland mentioned that call drop is a real problem on the fresh flagships from a Korean giant.

Device with Number SM-G8850 will be Sold in China


It is not a secret that Samsung has a rather complicated situation on a Chinese market. Maybe that’s why it is going to launch one more device in China. It was spotted with the model number G8850 on a site TENAA. It will not be Galaxy S9 mini as it was expected, it will be a new version of Galaxy S9 made especially for Chinese users.

Some Problems with Galaxy S9 Displays

Galaxy S9 Display

Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of displays and that’s why it is chosen by so many users from various countries. AMOLED displays from a Korean giant are known all over the world. But, it is necessary to mention, that still there are some problems with such kind of screens. Too much saturated colors is one of complaints from owners of Samsung Smartphones.