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Samsung firmware N950FXXS7DSH1 is now being pushed across the European regions

samsung note 8

Samsung Note 8 firmware N950FXXS7DSH1/N950FOXM7DSG1 has started spreading worldwide. This is a regular security update that can be accessed through the OTA and FOTA networks. It is worth attention, Note 8 is one of several phones that has started receiving the August update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) gets its first Android Pie (9.0.0) update

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has released a new update for their SM-N950F phone model. The update is available for ORX & BGL regions. Both regions are included in one multi-CSC list called "OXM". You may install the update if your region is also included.

Galaxy Note 8 Is Getting a New Update with the Security Patch

Galaxy Note 8

A fresh update of Oreo 8.0 for Galaxy Note 8 began around one month ago and it seems that all owners of Galaxy Note 8 have already received it. Samsung doesn’t plan to stop and is going to provide one more update with security fixes for this device. A fresh software update will appear in Iraq at first and then, it will be available on other markets in about several days.

Galaxy Note 8 in Orchid Grey Color will be Launched on the Indian Market

Galaxy Note 8 Grey

It seems that Samsung wishes to sell more devices , manufactured last year, on the Indian Market.  A Korean giant reduced prices for Galaxy S8 and S8+ and even launched this Smartphone in a new color- Burgundy red. Though Galaxy Note 8 has a stable price and it will not be reduced in the nearest future, Samsung decided to propose this device in one more color- Orchid Grey. Now, customers will have a better choice of colors, they can purchase Gold, Black and Orchid Grey Note 8.  Orchid Grey Smartphone will appear on the shelves of stores starting from this Tuesday.

Oreo Update for Unlocked Galaxy Note 8 in United Kingdom

Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update

Users of Samsung devices in UK are not satisfied with the schedule of updates for their phones, though market of the UK is one of the most important for a Korean company.

An Oreo Update for Unlocked Galaxy Note 8 on the US Market

Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update USA

An Oreo Update for unlocked Galaxy Note 8 finally appeared on the US market. It is not a secret that the biggest American carriers have already provided an update for Galaxy Note 8 and now it is a high time to provide it for unlocked devices.

T-Mobile Provides an Update for Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 T-Mobile Update

The first American carrier that provided an update for Note 8 was AT&T. Sprint and Verizon were the next to release an Oreo Update for Galaxy Note 8 in the beginning of the last week So, now, it is a high time for T-Mobile to provide an update for Galaxy Note 8. A company has already confirmed that their clients will get an update in the beginning of this week.

GIF Animation on Galaxy S8 and Note8 thanks to update AOD

AOD GIF Galaxy

Fresh flagship devices Galaxy S9 and S9+ were released not so long ago and it is not surprising that they contain a lot of unique and useful features. You will not be able to find them on Smartphones, released last year. Samsung is a company that cares about its users and tries to surprise them with new functions.  It usually provides updates that allow using the newest features on older devices. For example the last update makes it possible to use a feature Always on Display that supports GIF animation on such devices as Galaxy Note 8 and GalaxyS8.

Two American Carriers Provide Oreo Update for Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update

A first carrier that provided Oreo update for Galaxy Note 8 was AT&T, so the next carriers that will release it, will be Verizon and Sprint. It is necessary to mention that AT&T was the last carrier that provided an update for Galaxy S8 on the US market. Users of  Note 8 informed that they are getting a fresh update for Smartphones.

One More Carrier Will Roll Out an Oreo Update for Galaxy Note 8

T-Mobile Note 8

A Korean giant released a fresh update of Android platform for Galaxy Note 8 about a week ago. Now one more carrier AT&T will provide it to its clients. This carrier was among the last to provide an update for Galaxy S8 and now, it is among the first carriers that provide Oreo Update for Galaxy Note 8.