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Per month, one-time payment

Ad-Free experience

Access to 100mbps mirrors

Up to 10 firmware per day

As a limited time offer valid until February 28
You might be interested in these packages:
$4.99/7 days —Try out
$2.99/3 days —Try out


Per month, one-time payment

Ad-Free experience

Access to 1000mpbs mirrors

Download any amount of firmware

Hotlinking (up to twenty-four hours)

24/7 Priority support

What is Advanced Membership?

At SAMFREW, we recognize that having a fast access to Samsung firmware is foundational.
After talking to you, our clients, it was apparent that today’s technology experience is incomplete without the ability to rapidly download ROM images from different mirrors.
We now proudly offer new membership plans specifically designed around this principle.

Are PayPal payments available?

Fortunately, we can accept a direct PayPal payment. Your account will be activated within 5 minutes.

Please send a full amount of the selected package to the following address:
[email protected]
Currency: USD

Notice: We will use the email address associated with your PayPal account to send order information.

Are the payments reoccurring?

No, all payments are one-time transactions. This also applies to the "try out" offers.

Do you have yearly packages?

$39.99/365 days — Checkout yearly package for Advanced Account
$79.99/365 days — Checkout yearly package for Essential+ Account

Can I test your servers before the purchase?

Here is the list of servers available for speedtest:

100Mbit/s mirrors:

Canada: Link
Australia: Link
France: Link
Germany: Link

1000Mbit/s mirrors:

France: Link
Germany #1: Link
Germany #2: Link

Do you still offer a free download option?

Sure! Free download is available for all firmware. Simply click on the "slow download" button.

Can I upgrade my membership from Advanced to Essential?

Yes, your membership can be updated at any time, please contact our support so they will migrate or merge your order.

What is Hotlinking?

By default, our direct download links are being generated strictly for a single IP address.
If you wish to share the links between different IP addresses or among other people (like forums and social media) your membership plan must support Hotlinking.
Note: Sometimes ISP may forward your requests each time under a different IP address. To avoid this issue, please consider the Essential+ plan.